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What is a Bike Breaker?

Bike Breakers or motorcycle breakers is a common UK term used to describe businesses that dismantle motorcycles to salvage spare parts. Whilst the majority of bikes that are "broken" are sourced from insurance company disposal auctions many are undamaged road bikes and some are even brand new and unused vehicles. The cost of new spare parts for motorcycles makes this a viable business because the price of the component parts of any bike can easily be 5 to 10 times the cost of buying a complete new machine.

Bike breakers come in various sizes and types and range from individuals working from home to large companies established more than twenty years. Some motorcycle breakers specialise in certain manufacturers or models but the majority will break anything that they can sell enough parts from to make it viable.

Certain types of bike are more usually handled by specialist as they are a bit more unusual, this is especially true of German and some Italian bikes. Scooters, Motorcross and trial bikes also fall into the specialist bike breakers category and whilst these bikes are broken by some general bike breakers Gissit has a number of Registered Motorcycle Breakers that only deal with these models specifically.

In the dim and distant past the industry got a bit of a bad name for itself because of concerns that breaking bikes was the simplest way to dispose of stolen motorcycles. Nowadays most bikes are marked with some form of indelible marking that allows all parts to be traced to the original vehicle. This has forced motorcycle breakers to be far more cautious of where they buy stock. The majority of breakers will not purchase individual parts as they are not traceable, instead only buying complete bikes with all paperwork included.